New Fly Fishing Women Beware! Warning Signs You May Have Trout Fever

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If you are new to fly fishing, and start to exhibit these symptoms, beware! You are in the early stages of trout fever…

Its difficult for you to maintain focus on a conversation when passing flowing pocket water–even if the guy talking is cute.

“Wait! Can you show me that again?” becomes a constant phrase in your vocabulary around other fly fisherman.

Your girlfriends fill you in on their relationships, kids, and jobs over lunch. You are thinking about the hatch you are missing.

Teva sandals seem more and more like the best footwear option for almost all occasions.

You ask your fellows at the fly shop what they think of your recent boyfriend, and you consider their opinions, actually, seriously.

You study your dryer lint for good potential dubbing texture and color.

You have this constant nagging awareness when at work, “Now is the best time of the year to be fishing!” No matter what season it is.

Your waders, boots and gear are now a permanent part of your back seat. And its starting to spread to your front seat.

A man who can spot big fish for you to cast to, becomes the sexiest creature on the planet.

You secretly resent anything that prevents you from getting on the water: a guest who wants to linger over breakfast, someone in front of the coffee maker at the 7 Eleven, your spouse who wants you to put the garbage out before you go. Errrrg!

You search your cat’s white patches for good post material.

You get giddy over the realization that dubbing “color packs” exist.

Your alarm goes off so early, even your dog is mad at you.

You choose dogs, boyfriends, vehicles and jobs based on their potential for fly fishing “compatibility”.

Your fly shop has you on caller id.

You start eyeing headlamps at Walmart.

You are a little sheepish when discussing your fly fishing expenses with anyone, (as if its any of their damn business!).

You start to covet old trucks. Don’t have to worry about scrapes, enormo pot holes, muddy wading boots, and wet dogs anymore. Freedom!

You cram in a few fly fishing hours before work, or rush to fish a few hours after work.

Your doctor suggests shoulder surgery. You decide to say no because rehab will cut into your fly fishing summer. So he introduces you to the joys of a cortisone shots. OW!!!

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, by all means keep fishing. The only cure is to fish more.

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  1. Excellent – a few more – your girlfriends ask you out on a Friday night and u’d rather be fishing. Your wardrobe of high heels and dresses has been taken over by Simms shirts and waders x

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